Academic Year 2017/2018

Here's some of the things that we have been up to since our return to Pre-school after Easter.


More Water Fun!



Our Annual Water Fight is a great way for children to learn that the grown-ups can have fun too - needless to say we all got soaked!!  There was lots of water and laughter!

Graduation Day!

For the last 10 years, we have celebrated our children's journey into primary education by holding a Graduation Ceremony to wish them well. Staff give up their time to make special pictures for the children to treasure in the years to come of happy times at Threemilestone Pre-school.  This year the children also wore their mortar boards into the main school hall for the occasion.


We are proud of all the pupil's achievements and wish them good luck at their new 'big' schools!

Fun Outside!

This week the children have been enjoying the hot weather outside!  Just to cool down we set up exciting activities involving water, paint, glitter and bubbles!!  Getting messy and wet added to the fun!

Catching a Shark!

Blowing Bubbles!

Physical Week

As part of our transition to school activities, the children have been practising changing for PE. One of our members of staff, Cliff, who is also a qualified football coach, designed an obstacle course encouraging the children to move in a variety of ways. All children were keen to participate and enthusiastically joined in. Cliff needed a rest afterwards!

We have been learning about Phonics

As part of our Phonics week, the children used the magnetic letters to spell out their names. They also traced over their name cards to practice their pencil control skills and the younger children used the sand moulds to trace around their initials.


We have been learning the sounds some letters make so that we can identify objects with the same initial sound.


Even washing the chairs with sponges and gross motor movements can support children's writing skills. Get cleaning kids!



We've added some stimulating writing activities on the 'Activities for Home' section. Why not give them a try!



Children recognising their own name is important to encourage independence and confidence, particularly for those going to school.



Stay and Play 'Rock Painting'

We asked the parents to join us one morning for a 'Stay and Play Day' to decorate an Easter pebble to hide around the village for children to find during the holiday period. This was well supported by parents who joined their children in decorating pebbles with paint, glitter and stickers. The stones were subsequently varnished and hidden within the community. After the holidays we were pleased to see some had returned to Pre-school and many had travelled around the village! Thank you to all those parents who supported us. To find out how to take part in this community project visit the Facebook page 'ThreeMileStones 3MS Hidden Painted Rocks'.

A Special Guest .....

 A special visitor came to the setting today - a bat!  Karen Tyler, one of our previous parents, is now looking after rescued bats for the Bat Aid in Cornwall.   Karen kindly brought one of the bats to show the children.  Bats come out at dusk and use sonar to fly help locate food.  They are the only mammals to fly and are nocturnal. Karen explained that there are 17 species of bat in the UK and  brought with her a pipistrelle bat for us to see.  Pipistrelle bats are no longer than 4 cm and weigh less than a £1 coin! For more fun facts and activities relating to bats visit the Bat Conservation Trust Web site ( where you can join the Young Batworker's Club. 

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

It makes a change for us to see snow in Cornwall.  We wasted no time in putting on our coats to explore the falling snow in the garden. For many children this was a new experience!  

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