Autumn Term 2020

This term we have been learning:

Weeks beginning 7.12.20 & 14.12.20


The children have been completing lots of different Christmas activities to take home at the end of term.  The staff also enjoy making these treasured keepsakes as many of our own children made them!  The children seemed to particulary like having their hands painted green to make Christmas Trees to decorate their bags!


We also took part in National Christmas Jumper day by wearing a variety of brightly coloured jumpers and T-shirts. 


On the last day of term, we celebrated by having a tradditional Christmas Roast with ice cream for dessert and crackers to pull!

Week Beginning  30/11/20



This week we have been exploring different shapes.  Shapes were hidden in the garden and the children had to locate and name them.  The children also practiced their cutting skills by cutting out shapes to match those on  their Christmas Tree pictures.


It was also an exciting week as Sarah and Kathryn went to fetch  a Christmas Tree with roots so that we could plant it in our garden after the festivities were over.  Great fun was had by the children. Our Elf, Arthur returned to the setting and each day got up to mischief!  He particularly enjoyed hiding in the Christmas Tree!


Week Beginning 25/11/20


This week the children used a mirror placed along the line of symmetry to see what shapes were reflected in it.  They were extremely good at recognising most of the shapes the mirror made!


We also continued with our Colour Monster book, looking at the red monster who feels angry!  In the afternoon the children painted a picture of objects which were red like the colour monster.  Maybe using a picture of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was  not a good idea!


The children used the 'bee bots' to move a given number of spaces in the right direction to find different places on the 'Bee-Bot' mats.    They also used the 'real' camera to take photographs of their friends!

Lexi thoroughly enjoyed painting objects red including herself!


Eloise programming the Bee-Bot to move the number of spaces she had rolled on the dice!


Hayden recognised a circle, square and star in her mirror!

Week Beginning 16/11/20


This week we have been completing ICT activities, what makes us feel sad like 'Blue' Monster and starting our Christmas Activities!


To investigage the sense of taste, the children first looked at a variety of different food stuffs to determine which was healthy and which were unhealthy.  Using the Sugar Smart App we discovered that one small can of coke has 7 sugar lumps.  For the age of our children at Pre-school, this is two more than the suggested daily amount of 5!  The children were very knowledgeable about what foods are good for you.  Well done!


The children on Friday then made vegetable soup for snack by chopping up a selection of vegetables using sharp knives, supervised by the staff.  The activity also taught them how to handle knives safely and to wash their hands before touching food.

Logan was able to find the matching pairs of Peter Rabbit pictures!

Meya and Lexi using paint to colour in pictures of blue objects like the Blue Colour Monster who feels sad!

Logan asked a member of staff to draw all the colour monster feelings and he then proudly coloured them in using the right colours to match the right feeling!

Ollie chose a tin of sweetcorn which he placed on the 'Healthy' Label.


Week Beginning 9/11/20


This week the children have been learning about different emotions and feelings and to recognise that all sorts of positive and negative feels are natural.  Using mirros the children looked at their 'reflections' making, happy, sad and angry faces!  They also used the emotions ball to bounce it up and down on the parachute to reflect how our feelings can do this!  Sarah read 'The Colour Monster' Story by Anna Llenas which gives different colours to different feelings.

A circle time gave the children the opportunity to say what makes them 'happy' like the Yellow Colour Monster!


On Wednesday, 11th November the children made poppy pictures and were quiet for the 2 minute silence to commemorate Rembrance Day.  We were so proud of the children who remained quiet for 2 minutes, not always easy when you are young keen learners!


Finally the children continued to explore thier senses and this week it was the sense of 'touch'.  Shaving foam and exploring the properties of 'gloop', (cornflour and water) proved a very enjoyable activity!  The experience of being messy was all part of the fun!

Haniya's beautiful smiling and happy reflection!

The children created lovely poppy pictures using red and black tissue paper and plenty of glue!

Finnlay investigating the texture and feel of shaving foam with Cliff!

Week Beginning 4/11/20



This week has been a short week due to the half term holidays and inset training days.  The children listened and watched clips of the New's Year's Eve Firework display in London to reinforce the sense of 'sound'.  They then made fantastic firework pictures using glue and lots of glitter!

Weeking Beginning 19/10/20


Over the last few weeks, we have been exploring leaves and the children discovered that leaves have 'veins' like we do.   We used a photo x-ray image of an arm to see what else is inside our bodies.  The x-ray showed a break in the bone and we looked at who and how it could be mended!


The children then used Plaster of Paris to make halloween ghost models observing how the plaster changed state.


Also continuing to learn about the 5 Senses, the children used mirrors to see their 'reflections' and to discover what colour eyes they had.  We then made a tally chart to see which was the most popular colour.

Week Beginning 12/10/20


One of our members of staff grows fresh herbs in her garden which she brought in for the children to investigate continuing with our theme of leaves.  To practise their cutting skills, the children under supervision, we encouraged to chop up the fresh herbs.  Mint was easily recognisable as it smelt like toothpaste.  We also had lavender, chives, rosemary, basil and lemon thyme.  When the children had all taken a turn to practise their cutting skills, we put the herbs on the floor in the black tray.  The animals then 'trampled' the herbs releasing a delicious aroma!


On Wednesday, the children made tree pictures with Tracey using the dried leaves collected last week! The children also learnt then when it's windy the branches of the trees move!


The children have also been learning about the '5 Senses' and this week were encouraged to guess the smell of a variety of different smells in covered pots!  The organges smelt like 'jam' and the toothpast like 'mint'!

Adie concentrating on cutting up the herbs!

Seb was happy completing his autumnal tree using some real leaves!


Week Beginning 5/10/20


As it is autumn, one of the children suggested filling up our black tray with leaves.  Our parents helped the children to collect a variety of leaves which we used in lots of different ways.


We looked at them under the microscope, discovering a snail which led on to the children learning the difference between slugs and snails.  The children then went outside to see what 'minibeasts' were in our garden!  Inside, they moved around the floor slithering slowly like snails or slugs!


We also used the leaves to paint with using the primary colours and then made 'rubbings' of the leaves with wax crayons to see the 'veins'.

Moving like slugs and snails!


Eliza and Isal exploring autumnal leaves the children had collected!


Jake chose to colour a picture of a snail!


Week Beginning 28/9/20


To reinforce our learning of colour mixing, the children made magic pictures by mixing the colours of red, blue and yellow together without getting messy hands!  They also had to cross the primary colour shark invested waters by climbing over the tyres to safety!


Using a variety of fresh vegetables the children used red, yellow and blue paint to make vegetable prints.  The children thought the peppers made a heart shape and the carrot a circle!

Eloise used big strides to safely get across the shark invested waters!


Lexi loved this activity and was determined to get to safety by using a different approach!

Week Beginning - 21/9/20


This week we have been looking at the primary colours of red, yellow and blue.  Tracey helped the children to complete an experiment in our outside garden using a tripod, string and a plastic bottles full of paint to see what happened when we mixed the colours.  The children discovered by mixing yellow, red and blue in different combinations they could make the secondary colours of green, orange and purple!


Learning outside in the garden what happens when we mixed the primary colours of red, yellow and blue!


Painting purple made by mixing red and blue on our Colour Chart!

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