Week beginning - 13th December 2021


The last week of term has been a very busy one!  On Tuesday, 14th December the children performed their Nativity Play on stage at Threemilestone School.  Despite sickness, and short term changes in roles, the annual Christmas Play was absolutely brilliant!  The children, and Cliff,our Star, gave a memorable performance to their families and siblings  at the School.  Thanks to all the support, fantastic costumes and to Mrs Brown, Deputy Head for also attending.  I know it brought back lovely memories for many of us whose children were at Threemilestone Pre-school!


The children also enjoyed decorating their own Christmas Yule Logs with melted chocolate!


On the last day of term, we had a very special guest join us to give those children in the setting on that day a present personally from Santa.  The lit up faces of our children was delightful and thank you Santa for finding the time to visit us!  This was followed by the staff serving a first-class traditional Christmas Dinner for staff and children, including roast potatoes, pigs in blanket, stuffing, turkey, vegetables and lovely thick gravy - DELICIOUS!

Mia enjoying a homecooked Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings including crackers!



Jasmine receiving a gift from Santa who came to see the children.  Thanks Santa!


The last day of term Christmas Lunch was cooked, served and enjoyed by the staff!

Evan made a very regal king!


Noah spoke his lines as an Innkeeper like a 'pro'!


Lila was a beautiful camel!

Chester, the shepherd with his sheep!


Week beginning - 6th December 2021

Christmas Traditions:


Our focus this week is to encourage children to recall their own family traditions based around Christmas, as well as practising our annual Nativity Play.


Arthur, our Elf on the Shelf has also been up to mischief in the Pre-school, hiding in the Christmas Tree, on top of the clock and even in the toy castle.  The children have also been telling us all about Santa, the presents they hope he will bring and what they are going to leave him and Rudolf to eat! 


Christmas is such a magical time for children and the staff have really enjoyed listening to all their ideas and joining in their excitement!

Week beginning - 29th November 2021

Christmas Activities:


The children have enjoyed making special Christmas gifts to take home to their families and hopefully these will be treasured for many years to come.


Carefully painted pictures, inspired and created by the children, were turned into calenders for 2022.  Using clay they also rolled, cut out and decorated Christmas stars.


The traditional Christmas Felt Stockings were decorated and I'm sure will take prime place on Christmas trees now and in the future.  I have been making these stockings for over 20 years, so you may well have a collection by now!

Week beginning - 22nd November 2021

Mathematical Concepts


This week our learning was focused on introducing children to different mathematical language.  We used our large monkey, Fred to encourage the children to place him either, on top, under, behind or in front of the table.  Here Hanin crawled under the table too!


We also investigated the properties of floating and sinking, and in the unusally warm sunshine, the children tested out their predictions.  Using a set of  balance scales we explored the concept of heavy and light and how we could find out!

Charlie in the garden testing out which objects floated and which sunk!



Lila enjoying weighing a variety of different objects using the balance scales!

Week beginning - 15th November 2021

Aspects of Literacy

We have been learning new vocabulary relating to books like the meaning of an author or illustrator as well as practicing mark-making using different mediums.  The children particularly enjoyed acting out, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' bu Michael Rosen.  It was great learning outside bringing the story to life.  Crawling through the tunnel there was a large bear hiding in the cave.  When the bear went outside in the garden, the children thought he looked sad so asked him to come inside.  Imogen delighted in reading him a story so he didn't feel sad anymore and one of her friends said he could be 'best friends' with them. How kind of you girls!


To practice their pencil control and mark-making skills the children completed a Bear Hunt pencil trail and practiced writing their names in shaving foam!

Scarlett crawled through the tunnel to find a bear with one shiny wet nose, two big furry ears and two big goggly eyes!

Imogen very carefully following the trail to the bear cave with good pencil control.



Evan going through the forest. 'Stump trip! Stumble trip, Stumble trip!'



Oh no Scarlett, 'You've go to go through it!'



The bear was sad outside in the tree!



Oscar crawled quietly through the tunnel to find .... 'IT'S A BEAR!'


In the end, the children decided the bear needed friends!


It was also Children in Need Day of Friday of this week.  so we all dressed up in our pyjamas and slippers!


As we d0n't often have many pictures of the staff taken, the children were given the opportunity to take a photo of the adults.  They did a fantastic job and we certainly enjoyed having our pictures taken!


We raised £18 in donations which the Pre-school will match, making a total of £36 for this worthy cause.  Thank you.







Week beginning - 8th November 2021

Exploring the World


This week the children have been learning about the different seasons, spring, winter, summer and autumn.  We divided the large black tray into the four seasons and put objects in each quarter to represent the seasons so that the children could visually begin to understand what seasons mean, are as well as using their senses to explore!  The children particulary liked touching the cold ice and watching it melt back into water.


To practise their cutting skill, we made snowflakes and decorated them with glitter.  Our new flower construction kits were  a hugh success and we created our own spring flowers!

Lila used the scissors to carefully snip out a beautiful snowflake which she then decorated with glitter!  Lovely work Lila!.



The best season of the year, sunshine and ice creams!


Jasmine was able to recreate her own brightly coloured spring flowers! Fantastic work!



Week beginning - 4th November 2021

Imaginary Play

This week we have added some new play equipment and dressing up in the home corner to encourage children to use their imaginary play skills to recreate everyday routines.  The babies were well cared for by the children who fed them, took them out in baby carriers and put them gently to bed in a cot.


Dressing up in a variety of costumes was very exciting and even 'Green Emily' dressed up as a pumpkin!


We also pretended to be move in a variety of ways like slithering, crawling and hopping to represent different animals.  Even the cushions from the sofa became the tortoise shells!  Great imagination!

Brodie and Calvin did the washing and drying up.  Well done boys!


Chester took good care of his baby!


Tabitha made a lovely fluffy Mumma Duck!


Week beginning - 18th October 2021



Our focus this week is looking at emotions and feelings.  To help the children understand how we can feel, we based our activities around 'The Colour Monster' Book by Anna Llenas.  This book depicts the colour monster in different colours depending on how he feels such as yellow for happy, blue for sad, black for scared, red for angry.  Sometimes the monster is a rainbow of colours as he feels mixed up with lots of emotions!


We also used the parachute and a ball with different emotions to demonstrate how our feelings go up and down and a circle time to say what makes us 'happy'. The children also really enjoyed making emotional faces in mirrors to represent different feelings.


Hanin made tears to in playdough to add to the sad face she had created!



Calvin exploring and matching different emotional words to the correct feeling.  Fantastic work Calvin!

Week beginning - 11th October 2021

Physical Development


This week, the children have been learning the importance of exercise to help keep you fit and healthy and how phsyical activity has an effect on your body.  To demonstrate this the children took part in fun activities like an obstacle course using hoops, balance beams, footballs and a tunnel to crawl through to make their hearts pump faster.


As the weather was nice we encouraged children to use the different ride-on toys we have to experience fun in the sunshine.  We were also able to use the tyres and old milk crates to support gross motor skills and balance by supporting the children to walk over and through these resources.


Inside the children participated in simple yoga skills which they particularly enjoy doing with Emily and Liz and are very good at making the named poses!

Cleo showing great control walking across the balance beam!  Well done Cleo.

Rex enjoying being outside in the garden on a balance bike! 



Week beginning - 4th October 2021

Number Recognition 1-5


This week we have been exploring Numbers 1-5 and using activitities to help children begin to recognise numbers and to learn that numbers have a meaning.   To support this our children were given the numbers all mixed up and asked to recognsie a given number and then put them in sequential order.


To encourage children to explore the property of numbers, we asked them to count the number of different objects to match to the correct numeral.  At snack time we also used fingers to represent a given number before washing hands ready for snack.

Week beginning - 27th September 2021

Traditional Fairy Tales


This week our focus is on traditional fairy tales.  We had a collection of ten different well known stories and encouraged each child to chose one for their keyworker to read and discuss.  The children really loved this opportunity to explore well known stories and were able to recall different parts of the story with confidence. 


The practitioners were also able to work with their children, using open questions relating to the books the children had chosen, to engage in some fantastic conversations.  We then used the wooden bricks to help build the Three Little Pigs a safe house from the Big Bad Wolf! 

Scarlett looking at the beanstalk growing in Jack and the Beanstalk!



Listening to Chicken Licken with Mandy!

Frankie joined Jack in the story for a cup of tea!



Week beginning - 20th September 2021

Colour Recognition:


To help settle into a new academic year we have been getting to know the children, especially those who have recently joined us at Threemilestone Pre-school.


Our activities this week have been based around colours.  To help support children's understanding of colour recognition we used different  sorting objects and colour dishes to encourage children to name and match coloured items by putting them is the right colour dish. We also worked with children to developt their recognition of shapes such as,  a circle, triangle, square and rectangle. 

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