Week beginning - 31st January 2022

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year and the children have been completing activities based on traditional Chinese customs.  They made chinese lanterns using red paper and gold glitter, colours which symbolise good health, happiness, prosperity and wealth.  The children were able to practice their scissor control by making snips in the paper.


On Tuesday, 1st February the children had Chinese Food for snack and on Wednesday, the large black tray was filled with different textures of food and 'Rookie' chopsticks to practice their chopstick skills!


This year, is the Year of the Tiger .  We also looked at photographs of traditional celebrations like fireworks, Chinese Dragons and lanterns.

Charlie using his 'rookie' chopsticks to pick up coloured spaghetti!


Coloured spaghetti, grated carrot and pineapple chunks for 'Roookie' chopsticks!


Calvin and Charlie really enjoyed this activity, as you can see!

Week beginning - 24th January 2022

Knowledge and Understanding of the World


To link together topics over the last few weeks, the children had the opportunity to make their own bird feeders.  We looked at pictures of eggs hatching to see what emerged, and then recalling the seasons, the children were asked to consider which season the birds might find food the most difficult to seek out!


Using wild bird seeds, and solid lard which was melted into a liquid, they stirred the ingredients together to make a bird feeder which needed to be placed in the fridge to go solid again.  This topic also linked in with the RSPCA's Bird Watch Weekend!


We have now hung a bird feeder we made in one of the trees in our pre-school garden for the birds to enjoy!  Thanks too for all parent responses to this topic. It's great to know the birds are benefitting from what the children have been learning.

Week beginning - 17th January 2022

Continuing our Nursery Rhyme theme, this week the children completed different activities linked to Hickory, Dickory Dock, Baa, Baa Black Sheep and Incy Wincy Spider.


Using the large black tray, Emily made a big clock placing numbers 1-12 around the outside before adding a 'long' hand and a 'short' hand.  Explaining that the long hand when pointing to 12, and the short hand when pointing to a number, tells us what O'Clock time it is, the children began to read the times!  It also seems that children understand the purpose of an alarm clock or an alarm on a mobile phone!


Using a picture of Incy Wincy Spider, the children counted how many legs they needed to complete their own Incy Wincy Spider who was missing his legs.  We also used a ball of string to make our own spider's web catching Emily who was the fly!


Later in the week, we sang Baa, Baa Black Sheep and using real unrefined sheep's wool, the chidldren had the opportunity to sequence numbers 1-10 then fill paper bags with wool to match the number they had chosen!


What's the time Noah?

Scarlett gave Incy four wool legs on either side of his body to make 8 in total!

Cleo filling bags full of sheeps wool like Baa, Baa Black Sheep!

Hanin used 'real' sheep's wool to fill paper bags!

Week beginning - 10th January 2022

Nursery Rhymes


Nursery Rhymes are an important aspect in children learning language patterns as well as being fun to sing.  This week, Humpty Dumpty was our main focus and we encouraged the children to participate in lots of exciting activities using eggs!


The children particularly enjoyed drawing Humpty's face on a hard-boiled egg and at snack time, peeling away the shell! Then to help children understand the importance of brushing their teeth, they used toothbrushes with toothpaste to clean stained hard-boiled eggs for two minutes.  This the recommended time children should brush their teeth for twice a day.


Even though all the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't fix Humpty Dumpty, the children have been fixing the babies, themselves and the staff using plasters and bandages!  Thanks to the children for expertly bandaging Ria's arms and legs and then giving her a pretend cup of tea!


Later in the week, we investigated how to tell which egg was a 'liquid' inside and which was a 'solid'.  From just holding or looking at an egg, it is not possible to tell.   Using wooden bricks, we dropped two eggs off a wall, 10 bricks high in the end, to see which was which.  The simplier way is just to spin them!  The cooked hard-boiled egg will spin for longer!



It was an egg-cellent week!


Hayden practising her brushing skills for two minutes on a stained-boiled egg!

Bandaging Calvin's arm to fix what all the King's men couldn't do!  Well done Hayden.

Noah eating and enjoying the hard-boiled egg he had peeled for snack!

Hard boiled eggs all turned in Humpty's!

Chester very carefully peeling the shell off  Humpty Dumpty. Great work!

Week beginning - 4th January 2022

Happy New Year - 2022!


It was great to be back after the Christmas and New Year holidays.  This week we have been enjoying one to one conversations with children to see what Santa brought them on the 25th December and what fun activities they did with their families.  It is always surprising just how sometimes the most inexpensive presents are the ones recalled!


Over the holidays, it was also apparant that lots of children had been pickled with Chicken Pox!  Last year, with reduced socialisaion, I can't recall we had any children suffering from this childhood disease, so this year I guess I made up for it!

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