Weekly Focus - 2019-2020

Spring Term 2020

Dental Care Week - 9th March

This week the children have  been learning about the need to look after their teeth in order to stay healthy.  As part of World Oral Health Day, all our children received their own tooth brush, two minute timer and a leaflet for parents giving useful tips for looking after teeth.


The children also practised their brushing skills by brushing the animals teeth and tea/coffee stained hard boiled eggs using toothbrushes and toothpaste for two minutes. 


Other activities included, foodstuffs that were bad for teeth and those which are good.  Sadly, the National Dental Survey for 3 year olds did not happen as a result of the current Coronavirus concerns.  We hoping that this will take place at a later date.

Alex matching the correct number of teeth for each mouth as represented by the numbers 1-3.

Seth carefully sticking the correct number of teeth to match numbers 1-5.

Cornish Week - 2nd March

Here at Threemilestone Pre-School we are very proud of our Cornish roots and to celebrate Saint Piran's Day our focus was on Cornish tradditions.  It was also World Book Day on the 5th March too.


During the week, the children made Cornish flags to wave, and listened to Cornish Stories, like 'The Great Cream Robbery'.  We also had a cooking day, where we made scones and served them for snack, the Cornish way, jam first and  clotted cream on top!  We also had Cornish pasties for the children and adults at snack time which were very popular.


Finally, towards the end of the week, the children learnt about miners and crawled through our mining tunnels, leaving the crusts of their pasties for the 'knockers' who live in the mine!   'Panning' for gold nuggets hidden in the sand was also a stimulating activity enjoyed by our children.

Lily and Emily dressed up for World Book Day!

JJ looking fo golden nuggets!

Isabel underground in our mining tunnel!

Shapes - 10th February & 24th February

During Shape weeks, the children we encouraged to look for 3D shapes Lisa had hidden in the garden and also for 2D shapes hidden in the classroom.


Using paper shapes the children created their own shape monsters using their critical thinking skills to identify which shapes were best suited to represent aspects of their monster.


Another learning objective was to identify, with a mirror, which shape was drawn on a piece of paper by introducing the meaning of symmetry.  The children were really good at this 'hands-on' activity and were able to name the shapes of triangle, rectangle, circle and a heart.

Eloise found a circle!

Jake found a rectangle and placed it in the correct shape basket.

Jesse made a scary shape monster which 'roared'.

Investigating lines of symmetry to identify which shape!

Numbers Weeks - 27thFebruary & 3rd February

To encourage children to begin to recognise numbers and what they mean, the children completed exciting activities which incorporated these in a variety of ways.  Numbers in jelly proved very popular, a very hands-on and tactile way to encourage number recognition.


Emily's car park with numbered bays required numbered cars to be reversed park in the correct car parking space!  The children also used playdough to make the correct number of spots to match the number shown on playdough mats.


Numbers cut into potatoes and used to print with paint on paper, required the staff to carve the numbers back to front!

Gabriel reverse parking car No. 4 into the correct bay.  Well Done!

Fireman Zach carefully rolling out the playdough to make 10 spots for his playdough mat!

Critical Thinking Week - 20th January 2020


Each year just after Christmas we put away all our toys and resources and encourage the children to make their own using all sorts of odds and ends, recycling, masking tape, paper, ribbon etc.    


Initially, the children are a little dazed but with encouragement they use their imagination to make all sorts of things!  It is also an opportunity for children to begin to problem solve, use resources safely, work collaboratively and to practice skills such as scissor control!


Thanks for all the recycling donated to us.  It is surprising how a simple box can become many things during a child's imaginary play!

Isabel being creative with all sorts of bits!

What shall I make with these resources?!

Harry demonstrating good scissor skills!


At home with Zach and Phoebe!

Messy Weeks - 6th & 13th March 2020

Messy week is an opportunity for children to enjoy sensory and stimulating activities in all sorts of ways, with a particular emphasis on getting messy.  Here Lucas is enjoying the feel of squidgy painting in a sealed bag, mixing the colours without getting messy.



The children also had the opportunity to play with a large tray of shaving foam to describe how it felt and to practise mark-making using their gross motor skills!


During the two weeks, the children also painted with their feet and washed all the muddy animals in bowls of warm soapy water!

Autumn Term 2019

After half term the children practised every day ready for performing the Annual Nativity Play held in the primary school.  This is always a very special event in our school year and one we know parents enjoy.  Well done to all our pupils for making it such a memorable experience and to all the staff for their efforts.


Arther, our mischievious elf also returned to the Pre-school and the children were keen to see what he got up to overnight!  Hopefully, he will be back next year.



Arthur our friendly elf from the North Pole sitting on top of the emergency lighting!

The children have been practising their pencil control skills, rrecognising and writing their name!  Well Done Zach.

We have been learning to recognise and count numbers 1-10.  Lisa hide number blocks for the children to find in the garden and then match to the correct number of spots!



Continuing to develop handwriting and pencil control skills!


Outdoor Learning with Lisa 

We are lucky at the Pre-school to have Lisa Waters (previously a qualified primary school teacher), join us as a volunteer to inspire the children to learn in the outdoors enviornment, in all sorts of weather!  Since returning in September, Lisa's friend 'Shep' has encouraged children to follow instructions, by hunting for different coloured pieces of wool hidden in the garden outside and to make pictures using leaves and twigs.


The children have also been mark-making using sticks and building 'wigwam' tents to hide in.  All these activities help children learn to follow instructions, work collaboratively with their peers and use their critical thinking skills to solve problems. Thanks Lisa!

Emily giving 'Shep' a piece of woold she had found in the garden!



Painting with sticks and raspberry juice!

Building a wigwam with bamboo sticks and a tarpaulin!

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