Weekly focus

The Environment - 6th May & 13th May

The children have been looking at all sorts of environments as well as environmental aspects of our world.  Over the Easter holidays children were encouraged going on a treasure hunt to collect different objects from the beach or the woods.   Thank you for those children who brought in some of the objects they found.  We also went on a Scavange Hunt around the edge of the school field to look at the nature aspects of the world around us.


Wednesday morning 'Den Building' with Lisa, a local teacher who offered her services on a voluntary basis, has proved very popular and rewarding.  Encouraging children to think critcally and solve the problems they encounter to build their own dens has certainly provided a great learning opportunity for the children.  This week teddies were invited to join in too!

Parker helping to secure the tarpaulin with Lisa to make a den.  It was a very windy day but thankfully our den did not blow away!

This week the children made three dens using bamboo sticks to make wigwam tents for their teddies to also enjoy!



New Life - 23rd April & 29th April

One of the activities enjoyed this week was related to cows and their young, calves.  Mandy, a member of our staff, has a farm and often has to feed baby calves by hand using a very large bottle!  They also practiced how it would be to milk a cow by squeezing milk from a rubber glove!


The children also had the opportunity to plant a seed of their choice, learning about what seeds need to grow and hopefully they are now growing at home.  Our runner bean plant is already climbing along our number line!  Liz intends to pot it up over the half term holidays and hopefully some beans will grow for the children to try!

Week 6 - 15th October 2018  : PEOPLE WHO HELP US

The Easter Story - 1st April

The weather was lovely just before Easter and we took advantage of this and played 'What's the Time Mr Wolf' out on the school field.


The children also practiced their pencil control by completing Easter themed Dot-to-Dots and matched numbers to quantities from 1-10 on halved Easter Eggs!


As a special treat the children also made rice crispy cakes, exploring  how the state of chocolate changed from a solid to a liquid when melted, although not very healthy, the children understood this and the need to brush their teeth afterwards!


Healthy Eating - 4th March & 11th March

During our Healthy Eating Topic we looked at different aspects of keeping healthy.  We explored the Sugar Smart campaign which recommends children's daily sugar levels  at a maximum of 5 sugar lumps.  We discovered that one can of Coca-Cola has the equivalent of 9 sugar cubes!  We also had a Healthy Packed Lunch Day whereby the staff prepared delicious packed lunch foods for all the children and staff to try who attended on Wednesday, 6th March.  We also made healthy granola bars and cookies for the children to try as part of our 'Sugar Smart Swaps'.  They were so good we have added them to our Summer Lunch Menu!

Thea enjoying her Healthy Packed Lunch!

The staff worked hard to make a selection of healthy packed lunch choices for the children to choose! Thank you.

The staff were delighted to join in our Packed Lunch Day and sample the delights of their efforts!


The children looked at a variety of fruit and vegetables.  We encouraged the children to make soup for their own snack by cutting up lots of vegetables.  We also  taught the children the importance of washing away the 'germs' and how to use sharp knives safely.  We then boiled our cubed vegetables to make the soup.


The children were also allowed to practice their scissor control by cutting up cabbage into small pieces which kept them occupied for quite a while.


Finally, Cliff led a group activity with the aid of a glitter ball and lights to participate in an physical  session to make our hearts pump!  It certainly did!


Feelings - 11th February & 25th February

This week we are looking at Feelings.  The children were encouraged to fill in, with their parents/carers help, a poem called 'I Am Special'.  Here, Parker is telling his friends at Pre-school what he likes to play with which makes him special.


We also explored the feelings of being happy, sad and angry by looking at photos of children feeling like this.  Our children were then given the opportunity in circle times to voice what made them feel happy, sad or angry.

Through the Hoop

To encourage children to work together as a 'team' they were split into three groups and given a hoop.  The children were then asked to hold hands with their group members, given a hoop and asked to work out how they could all go through without letting go of their friend's hands.  The children worked it out quicker than we did as staff!  Brilliant.


Parachute Fun!

To help children understand that feelings can change rapidly and that's natural, for both adults and children,  we bounced our inflatable 'feelings' ball up and down on the parachute!  It was great fun and the children used up lots of energy.


We also practised some yoga poses to do when you are feeling angry and need to calm down.  The children regularly undertake yoga and really enjoy it!


Numbers 1-10 - 28th January & 4th February

We saved some of our recycling packets and set up a shop. The children used money to purchase items of their choosing.  They then had to work out, looking at the numbers on the coins, what they needed to give Kathryn the Shopkeeper! 



The children were able to mark-make outside with chalk to practice writing numbers.  Here Jake is writing No. 1.



Cameron used his fingerprint to put the same number of fingerprints to match the number in each petal.  He didn't put any in the middle as the number was zero which we have learnt means nothing!


During our focus on Numbers week, we had a fun day wearing our Pyjamas to raise funds for the Crackerjack Trust, a charity established to help relieve the stress and strains of coping with life which a child's disability can cause.  We raised £20.00 and the Pre-school have matched this, to make a total of £40.00.  Thank you to all those that took part.


We also had an unexpected fall of snow!  We took advantage of this spontaneous learning opportunity to dress up warm and go outside to experience falling snow and the ground around us turning white!  Thankfully, it didn't last too long and I we got home safely.


Fairy Tales - 14th January & 21st January 2019

The children listened to three favourite Fairy Tales, 'The Three Little Pigs', Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and "Jack in the Beanstalk".  Here Vikash and Theo were making a straw house for the pigs using real straw and then pretending to be the wolf, who huffed and puffed till he blew it down!


We also turned the home corner into the Three Bear's Cottage and had daddy's chair, mummy's chair and baby bear's chair together with three appropriate sized bears.  We added porridge oats, mixing bowls and spoons of different sizes and then let the children experience playing with rolled oats pretending to make porridge!! I think we are still finding porridge in the home corner but it was great fun!

The children were keen to complete an obstacle course set up by cliff to replicate climbing the magic beanstalk.  Here, Ethan is crawling through the tunnel with a 'sack of gold!'.


Other physical activities included being  beans, like runner beans, jumping beans, jelly beans, chilli beans and French beans.  I'm sure if asked your child they would happily perform the actions!


We also had fun using playdough which we rolled in oats and flour to make different items for Goldilocks and the Three Bears, like trying to fix baby bear's chair!


Critical Thinking - 7th January 2019

When the children returned after the Christmas holidays, they found that all the toys had been put away!  Instead there were empty boxes, masking tape, tissue paper, bags, paper plates, sticky back plastic and wrapping paper!  The children were encouraged to use their imagination to create their own toys out of these 'loose parts' which could become anything they wanted.


The children were taught how to hold scissors correctly and how to carry them safely if they needed to.


Thea and Parker decided to make a robot, using a box as it's body.  The week was amazing fun, both for the children and the staff.  Thanks to all the parents who provided an endless supply of resources!


Tradditions - 3rd December & 10th December

The children were busy making lots of special decorations to take home for Christmas.  They also practised daily our Nativity Play to perform to parents in the main School Hall.


Chris from Hobbycraft in Truro, kindly came to the setting with all the resources to make Christmas Wreaths.  The children were able to be creative in choosing from a variety of exciting resources!  Thank you to Chris and Liz B for all the preparation work needed to make this activity a success!

Arthur - Our Elf on the Shelf


The children were excited to find an Elf at the setting.  Arthur was a friendly elf who liked to find different places to hide and things to do.  Every day the children were keen to see what he was up to.  I'm pleased to say that he was only a little mischievous!  He was  also able to report back to Santa that our children had been well behaved and that he had enjoyed meeting them all.  Arthur is now on a well earnt vacation!



Pre-School Christmas Lunch


For the first time in our setting, we invited all the children who attended on the 18th December to stay for our own Christmas Lunch, including the staff in on that day.  Mandy and Tracey did an excellent job of cooking turkey and all the trimmings, including homemade roast potatoes for the children to enjoy.  It was great fun, as the children were encouraged to pull crackers with their friends and wear their hats, which Kathryn had to modify with sellotape to fit!  The adults then read out their jokes, which were surprisingly ok!



Our Nativity Play and Special Visitor


The children performed their Nativity Play in the main school hall on Wednesday, 19th December to their parents and siblings at school.  Mrs Teagle kindly allowed them time out of their lessons to enjoythe performance.  The Play was one of the best shows we have ever done with moments that made it very special like the kings forgetting their presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh!


On returning to the Pre-school, a special visitor called Santa had arrived to give the children a special Christmas Present.  Thank you Santa!


Kobi was a camel in our Nativity Play and performed 'Alice the Camel' with his cousin Rio!


Amber and Kobi pulled their crackers and wore their rather larger paper hats!


Theo meeting our special guest Santa!



Animals - 19th November & 26th November

The Little Red Hen Story

As part of our Animal Week, we looked at the story of 'The Little Red Hen'.  Cara, (one of our member of staff's sister), came to visit the setting with battery hens that had been rescued for a better life.  She told the children what hens like to eat and brought in some eggs they had laid.  The children were then allowed to stroke the chickens before washing their hands.


Sarah then broke one of the eggs and whisked the egg white into peaks, changing it's state from liquid!  She then made the egg whites into small meringues which were delicious!  Later in the week, we had boiled eggs and soldiers, the healthier choice!

The children listened to classical music. For each day of our animal focus, they listened to The Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens.  They particularly enjoyed watching the animated version of the Flamingoes!

Making Bread

After listening to the story of 'The Little Red Hen', we made bread with flour, yeast, water and sugar and watched it rise. The children then learnt to 'knead' it before making their own bread roll to take home to eat!


Joshua kneading his bread roll.



We made hedgehog pictures working together collaboratively.  Here Ella-Rose painted Ollie's hand with brown paint to make the hedgehog's spines.

Repeating Patterns:

We used coloured sticky spots to make repeating patterns.  Vikash carefully chose the colours he needed to complete the patterns already started on his snake pictures.



Yoga for Children:

Yoga for children proved very popular with the children who were keen to join in.  Here, Thea is posing as an elephant!



Exploring Science - 5th November & 12th November

Sugar Lump Towers!


This week we have been undertaking lots of different science experiments which the children have found exciting.  Here we built towers using four sugar lumps to watch the coloured water be 'absorbed' by the sugar.  We also used some aluminium foil between the sugar lumps to see what would happen to the top two cubes.  They discovered that the foil acted as a barrier to stop the water rising.


Gradually the water 'dissolved' the sugar and our towers fell down!



Our volcano

We used bicarbonate of soda, food colouring and vinegar to make an 'erupting' volcano.  The children were able to explain that a volcano blows out hot lava which can burn you.  Hot lova is forced up from the earth's core under pressure which causes a volcano to erupt causing the lava to flow and volcanic ash into the sky!


Parker carefully colouring his picture of a volcano.  The children learnt the words 'erupt' and 'dormant' (when a volcano is not active).  Parker found the experiment really exciting!



Magic Milk!


We filled a large black tray with milk and then added food colouring using the primary colours, red, blue and yellow.  We then added washing up liquid to see what would happen!


Milk contains fat and when the washing up liquid was added it caused a chemical reation as the soap combined with the fat.  This then caused movement in the liquid and the food dye to swirl around in ever changing patterns and colours.  The children watched the colours evolving as it was very spectacular and calming!


An experiment with Water and pencils!


Emily filled a zipped bag with water and encouraged the children to push a pencil through the bag and the water to see what would happen!  The pencils acted as a plug and stopped the water leaking out!  Very carefully the children pushed through 6 pencils!


Parker correctly identified that if the pencils were then pulled out the water would 'spill' out the holes!  The children pulled the pencils and watched the water pour into a bucket until the water level fell below the holes!



People Who Help Us Week - 18th October & 30th October 2018


This week we are focusing on People Who Help Us.  The children have been looking at the Fire Service, Ambulance Service, the Police and Coastguards.   We used the dressing up to visually show the children the four services available if they dialled 999 - Ethan was a fireman!  We will be encouraging children to know their surname and the road they live in our group activities this week.

We are also learning about Road Safety and the need to be safe on our bikes and scooters.

Our Annual Sponsored Trundle gives children the opportunity to practise these skills on the school playground as well as help raise funds for the Pre-school.


If you have any books to share about 'People Who Help Us' we would love to share them with all the children.  Thanks.

Howie's Visit to the Dentist


The children have been introduced to 'Howie', a resident friend who helps the children to listen and engage with activities.  They looked at photographs of Howie's visit to the Dental Surgery in Threemilestone.  The children discussed why we all need to visit the dentist and to brush our teeth regularly especially after eating sweets.


The children then practised using a toothbrush to clean coffee and tea stained hardboiled eggs by using toothpaste and up/down/side to side brush movements to replicate cleaning their own teeth!

Mending Humpty


The children have continued to learn about People Who Help Us. One of these groups of people has been the medical profession.  We looked at how doctors and nurses can make people better by applying bandages and plasters.  Our children practised applying plasters and bandages to themselves and our toys.   Jenson was eager to mend Humpty Dupty by sticking a plaster over the eye he had lost and wrapping him up in bandages.  Well done Jenson, even all the King's horses and all the King's men couldn't mend Humpty!


Jenson, Ella-Rose and Vikash making the toys better!

Laylend applying a plaster to a dinosaur wound!



Jenson rode his balance bike quickly!



Ollie enjoyed using a balance bike in the playground!

Thea participating safely in our Sponsored Trundle!



Ethan was happy to join in riding a bike in circuits around the playground!



Chester kitted out safely on his scooter!


Week 4 - 1st October 2018 & Week 5 - 8th October 2018  :  WATER


At Threemilestone Pre-school we like to encourage our children to learn through play and explore different topics.  Our current topic is 'Water' and we have been looking at where water comes from, what we use it for and how water can exist in three different states i.e. liquid, solid and gas.


Here's some of the things we have been up to!

Rain Clouds

Chester used his fingers to recreate raindrops in blue and silver paint!

Our Secret Pictures

Jenson and Elizabeth used watery paint to reveal a secret image drawn in a white wax crayon. Jenson discovered a smiley emoji and Elizabeth a letter 'E' for her name!


Rainbow Fish

Using brightly coloured tissue paper pieces, Parker used them to make scales on his Rainbow Fish!

We have continued to explore our theme of Water and some of the different ways in which it exists.  The children practised their cutting skills by making snowflakes and, to be creative, used white paint and the vehicles to make 'tracks in the snow'.


They also had the opportunity to experient with different objects to predict whether they floated or sank.  Taking turns to choose items, they made their predictions and then put them to the test in a bowl of water!


We are also extending their learning by exploring the properties of water as a gas, liquid and solid.  Explaining the need to be careful of hot water, Cliff showed the children that steam is water as a gas.  Using the shape blocks,  each child could explore what happens when steam condenses back to water!  They all practised saying the word 'condensation'. 


We filled a balloon full of water and then put it in the freezer!


Kobi and Rio exploring what had happened to the water we froze.  They discovered it was cold, wet and hard.




Kobi and Jake practising their cutting skills!



Ethan exploring condensation!




Pip creating snow tyre tracks!

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